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Get Started in Genealogy | LDS Resources, Websites, Links, Articles, and Reviews

Get Started in Genealogy

by / Friday, 09 July 2010 / Published in Websites

Genealogy, or Family History Research, is a fun hobby. It’s always fascinating to learn about your ancestors. You never know what great things they may have accomplished, or to what famous historical figure you may be related.

The genealogy section of the National Archives is a great way to start your genealogical research. It has lots of resources for both beginning genealogists as well as those who are quite experienced.

The National Archives offers insight into the lives of people, their families and our history. Because the records at the National Archives come from every branch of the Federal government, almost all Americans can find themselves, their ancestors, or their community in the archives. Knowing how a person interacted with the government is key to a successful search.

Visit the website: http://www.archives.gov/genealogy/

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