General Conference Bingo

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Although my General Conference Activity Packet will help you get the most out of General Conference, here is a fun way to keep kids attention while they listen to the prophets and apostles during General Conference: Bingo.

General Conference Bingo

This cool site randomly generates bingo cards. You can print off bingo cards, with each one being completely different. Use your favorite candy to play the game.

general conference bingo 300x294 General Conference Bingo

For those inquiring about an primary general conference activity packet for children, the Church now provides them:

Conference Activities for Children from

Printable Coloring Pages by Topic

Print Activities by Year/Month from Friend magazine

The Official Church website provides many activities, bingo boards, games, coloring pages, et cetera for primary aged children. These are PDF documents that can be printed out.

2 Responses to “General Conference Bingo”

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  2. V. Ram says :

    Thank you for preparing these beautiful bingo cards. Though conference already pass, I am planing on using them for FHE. I do have a question, where do I find the cards to call out the names that appear on the boards?

    Thank you,