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Family Grain Mill

by / Monday, 26 January 2009 / Published in Products

family grain mill 260x300 Family Grain MillAs part of our emergency preparation we got a Family Grain Mill (German-made). While I have enjoyed my electric wheat grinder (K-Tec Kitchen Mill Wheat Grinder), I wanted one that could operate without the use of electricity. In many emergency scenarios, electricity would not be available.

The Family Grain Mill is extremely versatile. It has options for a motorized base or can even be used on your Bosch Universal Mixer or KitchenAid mixer (with additional attachment). It can be used not only to grind wheat into flour, but with attachments can be used as a flaker, meat grinder, vegetable processor or slicer, and can even make peanut butter!

I opted for the hand operation (non-electrical). Although it didn’t come with implicit instructions for setup, it is quite easy to configure and begin operation. All the accessories lock into place easily with the twist of a the wrist. It is quality construction; manufactured in Germany by Messerschmidt.

The grind is adjustable, from coarse to fine (although it does not get as fine of a flour that my K-Tec can do). It grinds wheat, corn, soybeans, oats, rye, barley, rice, millet. What is nice about it is that it doesn’t heat up the grain when grinding, so the nutrients are preserved. It is very easy to use. I was able to hand grind about a cup of flour in less than two minutes. There was no flour dust flying everywhere, and cleanup is a breeze!

It has the ability to grind dried herbs. I use Oregano a lot on pizza, and have grown my own Oregano in my garden. This saves on having to buy store bought herbs. You can grind stuff like black beans and even refined sugar if you want to make powdered sugar.

The Flaker part is great for turning oat groats into fresh home-made oatmeal (with no preservatives added). You can get oat groats at most health food stores. You can flake wheat, but it needs to be soaked overnight first.

Peanut butter is simple to make. Using the meat grinder with 3mm blade, put the peanuts through (sometimes twice), add a little oil of choice (olive, vegetable, et cetera), and you’ve got fresh peanut butter (might want to add in a little sugar and a dash of salt).

5 Responses to “Family Grain Mill”

  1. Kristie says :

    I currently have an older stone grinder and i think it is not grinding my wheat fine enough, making my breads a little too heavy for my taste. I am interested in the family mill since i have a Bosch. I read that the finest grind on the family mill still isn’t as fine as electric mills. Also, it seems to me that the ground flour would pretty much fly every where as it leaves the mill. Are you able to catch the flour without it creating a lot of dust?

  2. LDSResources says :

    I personally enjoy the K-Tec Kitchen Mill wheat grinder for finer flour. However, the Family Grain Mill makes an excellent “preparedness” backup if there were to be power outages, and it works wonderfully. The flour stays self-contained and does not fly everywhere as one might expect. There is no mess to clean up. However, it does not mill quite as finely as my electric grinder.

  3. Jonathan Smith says :

    We recently purchased a hand grinder from a store in Arizona. Very good, sturdy quality. I think it definitely found it’s spot in our family’s storage.

  4. Rebecca Powell says :

    I too, just recently purchased the Family Grain Mill, and I LOVE IT!! One of the main reasons, aside from preparedness, was the possibility of making my son gluten free oatmeal. The only problem I have discovered with the mill is the stability while grinding corn.

    It has become a two person operation, with my husband holding the mill steady. The force it takes to grind the corn wiggles the mill right off the counter. We are in the process of trying to modify it to stay put. Other than that, the mill is exactly what I wanted and needed. I think it would be better desingned with clamps on either end, instead of one in the middle, with more heavy duty clamps.

  5. Jessica Smith says :

    We also have a Family Grain Mill as well as a KTec electric impact grinder. The key to getting a finer flour with the Family Grain Mill is running it through for a 2nd pass. This will get a flour fineness that will be suitable for baking bread.