Agency and Obama’s Spread the Wealth Socialism

by / Saturday, 01 November 2008 / Published in Doctrine, Editorial

obama socialism redistribute wealth Agency and Obamas Spread the Wealth Socialism

Agency is a God-given right for us to make our own choices, and agency is an essential part of the Plan of Salvation. We exercised our agency in the pre-mortal existance to follow Christ’s plan to come to earth (a third of the host of heaven chose a different path). Remember that it was Satan’s plan to force us to do things, and he wanted to usurp our agency.

Likewise, evil governments (people in high ranking government positions) are bought up by the powers of Satan to remove agency from our life. If we allow a government to take control over our freedom to make choices, then we are willingly giving ourselves to the control of Satan.

Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama’s wealth distribution plan of socialism is to prohibit us from using our agency to help others. I strongly oppose this! I enjoy giving of my time, substance, and abilities to help other people. In fact, it even motivates me to give even more. However, Barack Obama’s plan is to force people to give to the government, who would then redistribute this wealth as they see fit. Thus, this is taking away my choice and agency on how to give my wealth to others. Satan’s plan is socialism and communism just like Barack Obama’s plan to spread the wealth and redistribute money!

Simply put, a vote for Obama is a vote for Satan!

For those posting comments in opposition to truth, remember the words of Nephi: “the guilty taketh the truth to be hard, for it cutteth them to the very center.”

6 Responses to “Agency and Obama’s Spread the Wealth Socialism”

  1. ben says :

    You are right, there are powers that be that want to take away our freedom and possiblely our lives. We want freedom not world goverment.

  2. william says :

    Remember in the Book of Mormon when it said if the voice of the people was for wrong, then destruction was not far away. It seems so now. Obama got at least twice as many votes more so than the other Canadites. America is no longer righteous if more than 2/3 voted for wrong. I hate to say it, but how long do we have? Until it all comes down.

  3. mitch says :

    I share your appreciation for the importance and centrality of agency. I propose that poverty is another force that limits agency. Held down by abject poverty, their agency is stripped away too. No matter how bad they may want it, they do not have the means to move forward.

    If poverty can impinge on agency, then perhaps you can acknowledge that there is a moral imperative to eradicate poverty. It was, after all, a characteristic of the City of Enoch (“there were no poor among them”). There must be systems and institutions of administration that can work at the scale of the problem. Arguably, federal and state governments are the only institutions of sufficient scale and with the appropriate charter for addressing issues of intense poverty.

    The Earned Income Tax Credit has broad bipartisan support in our country today. If Reagan and Bush supported it, I would expect that it wouldn’t be too distasteful to you. If you object to a program like the Earned Income Tax Credit on the grounds of it being a socialistic program of the United States, that is one thing. You might direct your energies to abolish it, though you may find it difficult for any elected official to take up that cause. Obama has no sinister agenda to redistribute wealth according to any “socialist” philosophy.

  4. LDSResources says :


    Obviously you are an Obama supporter and refuse to accept the truth. Here are some actual facts to open your mind to the truth:

    1) Living in poverty does not take away your agency! I have lived on both ends of the spectrum, both in poverty and wealth. My wealth was brought about because of my agency to be an entrepreneur.

    2) You misunderstand the difference between Socialism and the Law of Consecration! There was no poor among the people of the City of Enoch because of the righteousness of the people to live the law of Consecration.

    3) The Earned Income Tax Credit is Socialism! A progressive tax system like we currently have is socialism, where the wealthiest pay a much higher percentage of taxes than do the poor, and where the poor receive money and pay no taxes at all.

    4) Barack Obama has an absolute agenda to redistribute wealth! In his own words, he has said: “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” That IS Socialism.

    5) Ezra Taft Benson said that wealth distribution is socialism! President Benson, as an apostle, prophet, seer, and revelator, stated the following: “Many are now advocating that which has become a general practice since the early 1930s: a redistribution of wealth through the federal tax system. That, by definition, is socialism!”

    The words that spreading the wealth equals socialism are not my words; they were declared by a prophet of God!

  5. cynthia says :

    I 100% agree that we are in a state where socialism is threatening to take over completely. It is already here to some degree, but Obama’s policies have the potential of a complete take over by government. In my opinion the Constitution IS hanging by a thread. For those that would like to educate themselves further about what socialism is, I have provided a link to a talk given by President Benson that was really helpful for me.

    A Witness and a Warning

  6. Jim Graham says :

    RIght on! Obama has proven his evil intentions and America is in big trouble. (Bush is also very evil).